Enrolment in the first year of studies of the Business Economics Academynt in the first year of studies of the Business Economics Academy  


Vision, Mission and Goals




Vision: The Business Economics Academy follows the vision of managing the study process and system of study in accordance with the Bologne Declaration, taking into consideration the new Law on Education in the design and implementation of the quality assurance system developed in compliance wtih the specific requirements of business economics, with a view of enabling an improved quality of studies and raising the level of collaboration between the professorial staff and the students.

Mission: the Mission pursued by the Academy has been edinfed by the need for high quality economists, demonstarting a high level of professionalism and a knowledge if finance and operation of small and medium enterprises, placing a premium attention to our students' practical and expert knowledge, supporeted by an efficient imastery of IT technologies.

Aims: The aims attained by the Business Economics Academy have been defined from three different aspects:  

Social aspect: education of experts based on the concept of useable knowledge, as a means of providing for an economic revitalisation of Serbia and future integration in international trends.

Aspect of workforce: it is essential to bring about a high quality of the work and study process, in order to be able to create a profile of graduate students that can parallel the level of the leading European and World universities of the same kind, basing this process on the knowledge and experience of the professorial staff and the morivation and the drive of the students.

Students' aspect: an opportunity to acquire a specialist-type and novel format of qualification and the pertaining knowldege and skills is key to the functioning of our programmes, where the following recogniseable features are of paramount importance:

  • small classes of students

  • team work

  • participation in projects

  • mentorships

The Business Economics Academy will enable permanent students exchanges and thus create opporuities for students to gain knowledge and skills at prestigeous international universities.


The Business Economics Academy satisfies the needs of the community, as well as the needs of the prospective employees and current students by:

  • using new educational technologies

  • attaining an efficient studies process

  • staging visits of world-renowned professors

  • organising further training and education of its staff abroad,

  • constant improvements in studying conditions

  • upgrading efficiency of practical solutions and applications






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